Emphasized [verb]

Definition of Emphasized:

stress, give priority to

Opposite/Antonyms of Emphasized:

Sentence/Example of Emphasized:

Then there’s the apparent fact that, in iOS 14, Spotlight Search de-emphasizes or entirely bypasses Google results.

The jobs in 2030 and beyond will require complex problem-solving and systems-thinking skills that schools and most online learning programs aren’t emphasizing.

By emphasizing the common ties and values across a divided nation, Obama became, if not a household name, a national political figure.

Bryony Cole, a consultant for the industry and host of the Future of Sex podcast, emphasizes that she’s seen an uptick in creative approaches to making the most of lockdowns.

The Sky, with Courtney Vandersloot running the show, have emphasized pace since current coach James Wade arrived on the scene.

There are key reasons why title tags are important, Shepard emphasized.

Russell and Ansermio Estrada, a spokesman for Ward, emphasized that builders’ support isn’t certain.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly downplayed the importance of such airborne transmission, instead emphasizing, with substantial evidence, the risks of close contact with infected people.

Now what they emphasize and focus on is something called voltage drop.

The arousing of the fundamental instincts of these human beings had, indeed, enormously emphasized the animal in them.