Emphasizes [verb]

Definition of Emphasizes:

stress, give priority to

Opposite/Antonyms of Emphasizes:

Sentence/Example of Emphasizes:

In the description of “The House of Usher,” position emphasizes the barely perceptible fissure.

Each sentence emphasizes “the sombre aspect of external nature.”

The latter arrangement emphasizes the conclusion much more than the former; at the same time it subordinates the condition.

Forcing the subject toward the position usually occupied by the predicate emphasizes the subject.

Moving a part of a sentence from this general order 218 usually emphasizes it.

I quote the first paragraph of this introduction because it emphasizes this.

He emphasizes that there is found an expression of racial feelings, built up from many sources.

Over the roofs and through the great trees that rise up behind them flows a greyness that emphasizes the quiet of the hour.

The reader who emphasizes accidents will himself grow weary of his monologue in a short time and not know the reason.

The story of Grasshopper Green is full of lively humor and emphasizes the virtues of kindness and generosity without moralizing.