Emphasizing [verb]

Definition of Emphasizing:

stress, give priority to

Opposite/Antonyms of Emphasizing:

Sentence/Example of Emphasizing:

Winds will be coming out of the north and northeast, which emphasizes the marine layer.

The systems have been tuned to emphasize fewer false-positive readings — meaning if you get an alert, chances are you have been very close to someone with a coronavirus infection for a long time.

That would further emphasize that restraints are to be used only in an emergency and when other efforts to work with children in crisis have failed.

The decision to close the museums and zoo was made out of caution, Bunch emphasized, adding that cases are projected to rise after next week’s holiday, typically a busy time for the museums.

In other words, quantum theory picked up Mach’s program right where Einstein left off, a point that both Bohr and Besso were quick to emphasize.

As the discussion closed, Tyagarajan emphasized the crucial role of leaders in changing the climate inside their companies.

Airbnb said it plans to emphasize domestic travel, especially by customers who take trips that are near their homes and longer-term stays.

Performance-wise, I know that Instagram is definitely emphasizing Reels content.

You both emphasize the long term, and you even say that quarterly earnings updates should be eliminated.

Given the harms that election forecasts can cause, the media should stop emphasizing these forecasts in their election coverage and giving outsize influence to the data scientists making these predictions.