Empiric [adjective]

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Clemens never had any quarrel with the theory of Christian Science or mental healing, or with any of the empiric practices.

The theorist disdains experience—the empiric rejects principle.

The great intellectual forces of the nineteenth century allied themselves to two movements, the transcendental and the empiric.

The surplus labour of the latter is an empiric fact, demonstrable by experience, which needs no deductive proof.

To them both the physician and empiric owe part of their success.

Heraclides belonged to the "Empiric" school, which rejected anatomy as useless, depending entirely on the use of drugs.

Yet Tycho Brahé was an empiric—he was the last of the observers of the concrete, if you will allow me the phrase.

In a moment, the mystic instrument was open and tinkling outrageously beneath his empiric hands.

The results of empiric philosophy seemed to me much more firmly based than those of the newer German philosophy.

All the riches of the place, like those of an empiric, in laced cloaths, appear on the outside.