Empirical [adjective]

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Scientific history also shows that as empirical knowledge increases, we tend to converge on a shared explanation.

As a philosopher who focuses on the study of animal cognition, I examine both empirical and theoretical work to answer these types of questions.

According to Raposo, it “called the attention of many scientists working in the area to the use of more powerful and modern statistical techniques of empirical data analysis of animal movement.”

For economists who already felt confident in the theoretical arguments against rent control, research like Diamond’s provides empirical evidence that essentially tells the same story.

So Bob, you and your fellow C-POST researchers try to use empirical means, data analysis — when available — to understand foreign policy.

It is at best an empirical test and must be interpreted in the light of clinical symptoms.

So long as bridge building was an empirical art, great waste of material was unavoidable.

The margin of uncertainty which must be met by empirical allowances on the side of safety has been steadily diminished.

Waddell (De Pontibus) gives the following convenient empirical relations.

Nor do I think they would have learnt much of the art from Mr. Bradlaugh, except in an empirical way.