Empiricism [noun]

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Throughout civilized Europe a sort of carnival of empiricism prevailed.

Aristotle, by long odds the greatest naturalist of antiquity, laid the first philosophic basis for empiricism.

To the vocal scientist, "wearing the voice into place" represents the depth of empiricism.

This change in the character of vocal instruction will not be in any sense a return to empiricism.

The term empiricism is, however, now applied to any philosophical system which finds all its material in experience.

Immediate data are the counters of experience, but they are the money of empiricism.

The disadvantage of radical empiricism is that it shuts out experience.

What, then, according to him and in the system of empiricism, is the notion of substance?

To sum up, whichever way we look at it, it is impossible to discover in geometric empiricism a rational meaning.

Neither Mill's empiricism nor Ward's belief in intuitions 'in the sense required' would, I fancy, be now regarded as satisfactory.