Employees [noun]

Definition of Employees:

person being paid for working for another or a corporation

Opposite/Antonyms of Employees:

Sentence/Example of Employees:

Competing stores needlessly occupy the time of hundreds of thousands of employees in a mixture of idleness and industry.

One of my first duties was to examine the line and the employees p. 96at each station.

It was managed by a committee of twelve, half of whom were appointed by the directors and half by the employees.

My business was to furnish facts concerning the hours of duty of the employees on my own railway and the conditions of their work.

Government employees may secure patents on inventions made by them during their employment, after their relationship has ceased.

"We have a little lunch club of employees, and guests often sit in with us," said the agent cordially.

School-teachers and other agency employees chorused good-bye as the automobile was driven away.

State employees are within these acts in some states, and excluded in others, likewise municipal employees.

If a farmer does not avail himself of the act for all of his employees, he may procure insurance for a limited portion of them.

Firemen and deputy sheriffs on a fee basis are officers rather than employees.