Employer [noun]

Definition of Employer:

person, business who hires

Opposite/Antonyms of Employer:

Sentence/Example of Employer:

He and his wife had to give up something to help their children get through remote schooling and it made more economic sense for him to take emergency leave, with assistance from his employer and federal relief programs.

Until July 1st, the plan also specifically prohibited workers from working for their employers when on the scheme.

She eventually found out that the state was waiting on a response from her employer … even though she was self-employed.

Luckily for some, certain jobs are Covid-proof, which means that they are still well in demand and employers are happy to hand out handsome compensations for them.

You as an employer will need to keep your workers motivated in order to ensure that the work does not gets delayed or stopped.

One of the things I love about my previous employer, the Philadelphia Inquirer, is that it’s trying to figure out a way to keep 200 journalists or so employed in a major metro area.

The plaintiff in the third case was Aimee Stephens, who lost her job shortly after informing her employer that she intended to transition and would begin representing herself at work as a woman.

So if an employer decides to bring back 100 percent of their workers at 60-percent hours and 60-percent pay, they can all get 40 percent of their unemployment-insurance check plus 100 percent of that $600 pandemic relief check.

So when we look at this, we find that the wages offered by the employers are consistent with their beliefs.

This, as a piece of pure economics, does not interest the individual employer a particle.