Employing [verb]

Definition of Employing:

make use of

Synonyms of Employing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Employing:

Sentence/Example of Employing:

This rule though does not prevent him from employing other persons for a minor service.

In employing these heavy pressures of wind, increased purity and beauty of tone should alone be aimed at.

Engineers are everywhere at work studying the practicability of employing new forces.

Occasionally the fire of adjacent battalions, or of infantry employing fire of position, as explained in par.

M. d'Hervart had enlarged and decorated his new abode, employing for the interior frescoes the painter Mignard, Molire's friend.

She proved the correctness of her suspicions by employing one of her vouchers to watch the result.

There had been no actual intention of employing force in a political dispute and therefore the question in debate did not arise.

The problem with which educators are chiefly concerned is that of fully employing the energies without overtasking them.

Mrs. Tyrold had taken measures for employing Camilla upstairs, where she did not even hear that he entered the house.

He knew the street where the firm employing Arthur used to have its offices; but it had removed to other quarters.