Employs [verb]

Definition of Employs:

make use of

Synonyms of Employs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Employs:

Sentence/Example of Employs:

He employs pressures as high as fifty inches and never uses less than six.

The Chinese planter often raises large fields of the plants, and employs many hands to tend and cultivate them.

The estate employs 200 oxen and 180 slaves as labourers, besides those for the service of the family.

It combines and employs in its manifestation the method and material, not of one art only, but of all the arts.

He is still alive, and though advanced in years, employs the few days which still remain to him in labouring to become richer.

We can judge of the intelligence of a being but by the means which he employs to accomplish his proposed design.

The tones and gestures it employs are perfectly unequivocal, and not easily mistaken.

God has created forces, and man, a free agent, employs those forces for good or for evil.

In the discussions to which we have been referring, Aristoxenus invariably employs the word tonos in the sense of 'key.'

The collection of rubber likewise employs numbers of people.