Emporium [noun]

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Those who endure will understand that the key to success, as it was for the great emporiums of old, is building lasting relationships, customer by customer.

In New York City, the high-end adventure outfitter Abercrombie and Fitch and the kitchen emporiums of big department stores did a bustling business in these new symbols of postwar meat consumption.

Mr. McSweeney had the bad taste to try to stick up our local drug emporium about half an hour ago.

Shanghai is rapidly becoming the great commercial emporium of China.

Before the bewildered orphan knew where he was, he found himself in the interior of Ibrahim's emporium.

It was a most primitive emporium of a most primitive frontier.

Solano, by the way, is the commercial emporium of this end of the province, for there is not a single shop in Bayombong.

Gaza in fact was a slave emporium as early as the time of Amos (i. 6), and continued so till Roman times.

People who lived there began to call it "the emporium of commerce," "the metropolis of the northwest coast of America."

This place was called Emporium Avalite by Ptolemy, who describes it as a great mart in ancient times.