Empowered [verb]

Definition of Empowered:

authorize, enable

Synonyms of Empowered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Empowered:

Sentence/Example of Empowered:

A focus on happiness can feel empowering for people, but it won’t materially change their circumstances.

Its mission is to “empower women—particularly those underserved by and underrepresented in American media—with the information, community, and tools they need to be equal participants in our democracy.”

Content curation to hashtag analysis — knowing what’s buzzing around your brand, what’s trending and can be amplified on, and what resonates best with your audience empowers you to craft your best Instagram posts and please the algorithm, too.

We want to put this information in the hands of consumers so they are empowered to make purchasing decisions based on credible and comparable data.

What we did is we weakened the doves and we empowered the hawks.

The Act empowered the Board, before any new railway was opened, to require notice from the railway company.

There was no American plenipotentiary empowered to make any political compact with the Islanders.

It also empowered the Board to employ persons for carrying the Act into effect.

The Act of Incorporation empowered the detectors to take and to administer to their servants an oath of fidelity.

(i) The gazetting of the outstanding regulations empowered by the 1934 and 1953 Amendment Acts.