Emptied [verb]

Definition of Emptied:

remove contents

Synonyms of Emptied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emptied:

Sentence/Example of Emptied:

And she emptied her pockets of all the letters, minus the envelopes, that Fleurette had written.

Joseph's brain emptied, fortunately; a man would not want to know that he was tacked to a chair, bleeding to death.

Taking off the lid she emptied its contents in a heap—silver and copper with one or two gold pieces intermixed—on the table.

In the nine prisons of Paris these horrors continued unabated till they were emptied of their victims.

When the guests are well emptied of theology, everyone takes his nightcap—the signal for breaking up.

Not only District No. 5, but the village had emptied itself, glad to be rid of the accumulations of years.

Then he just kept triggering until the gun was emptied and he had put five slugs fatally into Big Sid's carcass.

"Dump her in here, ole-timer," cried Bud, holding out the frying pan emptied of all but grease.

The milky juice is emptied from the cups into a tank and lime juice is added and it is then allowed to stand.

He sat down on the side of the cheap, iron bedstead, and emptied his pockets on the top quilt.