Emptiest [adjective]

Definition of Emptiest:

containing nothing

Synonyms of Emptiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emptiest:

Sentence/Example of Emptiest:

Herein he found an empty stall that was dark enough not to be seen, and still afforded sufficient light to read in.

When the funeral was over, and they returned to their desolate home, at the sight of the empty cradle Ramona broke down.

A quite young child will, for example, pretend to do something, as to take an empty cup and carry out the semblance of drinking.

For his heart seemed alternately full and empty; all the life he had was centred there.

In Flanders, he says, they would never attack with empty limbers behind them; they would wait till they were full up.

But the house will rarely be empty now that the shooting has begun, and there is always something going on in the neighborhood.

In one instant the mottled-faced gentleman depressed his hand again, and every glass was set down empty.

She was not born to make money--especially by dodges and false politeness, out of idle, empty-noddled boarders.

If it be suspected that the stomach will not be empty, it should be washed out with water the evening before.

It was being driven very rapidly, but very skillfully, and the car was empty save for the driver.