Emptily [adverb]

Definition of Emptily:

without hope

Synonyms of Emptily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emptily:

Sentence/Example of Emptily:

But when a common fellow emptily asks me anything, I tap it on this side and that, and sift it to the bottom.

The world seemed emptily open before her once more, chill and lonely as the autumn morning.

It fell on its back—a dead face covered with blood staring emptily at the ceiling.

The spritsail flapped emptily and the boat righted to an even keel, causing the two men swiftly to change position.

Who would have thought that the day that began so emptily would end with two of my rooms full,—each containing a widow?

On which, rather softly closing the door, the young man remained alone in the great emptily lighted billiard-room.

She had lost one of her spars, and her starboard davits rolled emptily.

The sea still stretched emptily before him; the dotting sails still unchanged and distant.

The pause each time she saw it now became longer, more deliberate, more inviting, more emptily unfilled.

The railroad company's corral had yawned emptily during the entire fall season.