Emptying [verb]

Definition of Emptying:

remove contents

Synonyms of Emptying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emptying:

Sentence/Example of Emptying:

Well, youth; be of good cheer—He, who has little, has little to lose; and a soldier's pocket is seldom much lighter for emptying.

"We're using up our reserve supply," said Clip, while they were emptying the canteens into the tanks.

It skirts the base of some low hills and flows nearly south in emptying into the Kanawha.

So from thence home, where my house of office was emptying, and I find they will do, it with much more cleanness than I expected.

It has emptying into it several small rivers navigable for 100 miles and upward.

The emperor was very much pleased, and emptying the man's basket of its figs, he ordered it to be filled with gold coins.

A small pinnace was built and placed in Monumet river, emptying into Buzzard's Bay.

Joan cut loose at the disturbers of this peace, emptying the revolver quickly, but without effect.

The electric pumps were not long in emptying the ballast tanks.

He has small chance of emptying them while he is on the earth.