Empyrean [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Empyrean:

Thy saddle shall be broidered with the stars of the empyrean,—and then thou wilt destroy it!

It rained only at night; and all that crystal clear mid-summer scarcely a shred of fleece dappled the empyrean.

And they became what may be called an Evanescent Vapor, until all was lost in the Empyrean.

The star-fire of the Empyrean shall eclipse itself, and illuminate magic-lanterns to amuse grown children?

It has become a giant, terrible bird, the great auk of music, that seizes you in its talons and spirals into the empyrean.

The Fifth Sonata is like the marshaling of forces, the mighty spring of some radiant flyer launching himself into the empyrean.

In the Empyrean Christ is represented in the unveiled glory of His human and divine natures.

The Empyrean, it is worth while repeating, is the only true Paradise, the nine Heavens being only myths or poetic devices.

The ninth was the primum mobile, and inclosing all was the tenth heaven—the Empyrean.

For herself she is fain to soar into the empyrean of society, and to gaze with undazzled eyes into the sun of the smart set.