Emulate [verb]

Definition of Emulate:

copy the actions of

Synonyms of Emulate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emulate:

Sentence/Example of Emulate:

“No,” is Plummer’s character’s reply, said with a wry smile that fathers everywhere have tried to emulate.

We shall, I know, emulate their steadfastness and achieve a result which will confer added laurels to French and British arms.

She had no wish to emulate, but neither did she relish feeling provincial, a chit, an outsider.

For, in the first place, who would wish to emulate extraordinary catastrophes?

"And one that an Englishman may do well to emulate," returned Bluewater.

Neither do I mean that we should set out to emulate the happy cannibals in the South Seas.

To emulate a weakling in74 whatever walk of life, be it painting or writing or engineering, means to begin wrong.

Our object is not to emulate the latest authorities and perform, like them, a literary autopsy on remains we have never seen.

I'll teach the dear, charming creature to emulate me in contrivance; I'll teach her to weave webs and plots against her conqueror!

It might have been guessed that Sherringham resented his damned freedom, yet could but emulate his easy form.