Emulation [noun]

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Today, Microsoft announced in a long-winded blog post that that limitation will soon change, as emulation of 64-bit Windows applications is going into a public-testing phase soon.

Norman lives, like all school-boys, a life of emulation, and has never met with anything but success.

The being at school has really been a good thing for her, for she feels herself that she is the better for emulation.'

She did not issue an order; and in emulation of her quiet manner, his instructions to his satellites were inaudible to the guests.

The emulation between the French and English troops at the diggings was immense, and at the same time most good-humoured.

This, as will be perceived, was skilfully designed to put him on his mettle, and rouse a useful spirit of emulation.

They had no rivalry, save a noble emulation who should do most for the common cause in which they were jointly engaged.

Is there not some virtue in such non-emulation, or is it but the spirit of a deadened race?

The usual emulation founded on ambition had no effect on his progress.

The song has the purpose to inculcate emulation of bravery and also of generosity and unselfishness of spirit.