Emulsion [noun]

Definition of Emulsion:

tinted covering

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Sentence/Example of Emulsion:

An emulsion is a stable mixture of two substances that normally don’t like to be mixed—like oil and water.

You must make the emulsion after all, which means vigorous stirring to get that fat evenly distributed.

If you’d like to play chemist in the kitchen, you can add a sprinkle of sodium citrate, which greatly improves the emulsion, and even allows you to use non-traditional cheeses.

Cornstarch can be added to thicken and stabilize the mixture a bit and also aid in forming the emulsion, whereas garlic, kirsch, and nutmeg are often added to round out the flavor of fondue.

Anyone who has witnessed an unsightly oil slick atop a broken hollandaise or a pot of fondue has seen evidence of a failed emulsion.

According to modern ideas, no true miscibility exists, but a suspension or emulsion is formed (see Ostwald, p. 237).

An emulsion of the oil which may be miscible with water, but from which the fat tends to separate and rise to the top.

After the emulsion is boiled in such a kettle it is allowed to stand until cool, when the ammonia is added.

It is particularly adapted for finely dividing large quantities of emulsion.

The stiffened emulsion is then placed in the bag, o p q r, made of fine but strong canvas, with meshes about 0.5 mm.