Enable [verb]

Definition of Enable:

allow, authorize

Synonyms of Enable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enable:

Sentence/Example of Enable:

As your product evolves, you can enable different modules from the plugin marketplace.

Vaccine tourism also has the potential to exacerbate the socioeconomic and racial inequalities that have persisted during the pandemic, enabling the rich and privileged to gain access to life-saving vaccines ahead of everyone else.

They want to enable us to perfectly save and relive our favorite memories.

It enabled them to decipher contracts, build businesses, engage in politics and influence social issues that affected their lives.

Access to the internet, having an internet-enabled device and understanding how to use both have been necessary to sign up for the vaccine.

By enabling user-generated content, it has allowed for the rise of the digital creator economy and the use of social media to draw attention to everyday injustices.

Once it’s enabled, you’ll see a “check your audio and video” button appear under the smaller preview you typically see before joining a meeting.

Like Jefferson and Hamilton, two opposing forces who created a tension that enabled the country to flourish, FDR and Reagan represent enduring points of view that have together shaped the life of the nation.

The very nature of in-housed teams enabled marketers to stay creative, 48% report increased team togetherness, and 47% experienced flexibility to pivot to different media.

Luckily, the mRNA technology used to develop both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna’s shots enables them to make this kind of adjustment in weeks.