Enabled [verb]

Definition of Enabled:

allow, authorize

Synonyms of Enabled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enabled:

Sentence/Example of Enabled:

He thus decoyed them away, and the fortunate couple were enabled to reach the British lines under cover of the darkness.

It had this advantage: that it enabled her to stand where he might not watch her face without turning his head.

Trevithick's high-pressure steam boring engine enabled him to penetrate the rock five times as fast as the quarryman's power.

John Dickinson saw the matter in the same light, a light which his superior abilities enabled him to portray in more lurid colors.

Castiglione added to his laurels, for it was his handling of the artillery that enabled Augereau to win his great victory.

Trevithick's hopeful character enabled him to enjoy life in the midst of neglect and poverty.

His passage-money being unpaid, a chance friend enabled him to leave the ship.

Thus it was that he himself created the morale which enabled him again and again to conquer against overwhelming odds.

As Oliver knew the name of the street in which Mr. Brownlow resided, they were enabled to drive straight thither.

She possessed that peculiar tact, which enabled her often to guide the course of political measures without appearing to do so.