Enables [verb]

Definition of Enables:

allow, authorize

Synonyms of Enables:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enables:

Sentence/Example of Enables:

Georgia voters have an opportunity to enable another period of tangible progress.

Remarkably cheap and easy to use, this everyman technology swept across the world and enabled the democratization of genome editing.

That innovation is key to taking renewable energy mainstream, enabling it to be used even after the sun sets or the wind dies down.

It also enables cities to quickly respond to crashes or potholes.

What digital enables you to do, of course, is not only go after surfers, but go after people who are interested in a premium wax on your surfboard.

OTT content and advertising can be consumed across any internet-enabled device.

As an industry, adtech must respect this and build solutions that support and enable the creation of compelling and interesting content.

Smart sensors and intelligent infrastructure systems can enable significant savings of time and money with improved construction safety.

While companies have an opportunity to sell new communication and entertainment products aimed at seniors, they can also reimagine medical tools to enable more active living.

That sharing would enable audiences to be identified outside of those companies’ properties but also would raise privacy concerns.