Enabling [adjective]

Definition of Enabling:

allowing to happen

Synonyms of Enabling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enabling:

Sentence/Example of Enabling:

The company touts its enabling of self-help legends like Brendon Burchard, Danielle Leslie, and Amy Porterfield, and, most recently, Sophia Amoruso, who joined the platform in August.

The day had been a magnificent one, enabling us to see the Yorkshire country at its best.

These examples, however, do little towards enabling modern scholars to form a notion of the Greek system of accentuation.

The increase in Tanqueray's income, by enabling them to keep a servant, had the effect of throwing Rose adrift about the house.

The maps are also well done, and therefore useful in enabling a reader to follow out the details of the narrative.

He nodded to the gunner and the reef points were quickly tied, thus enabling the three boats to keep together.

The farmer's capital does not act by itself, but by enabling his men to work.

I tried to console him, to raise his spirits, for I was certain they had a good deal to do in enabling a person to recover.

Hence the agitation for compensatory clauses, enabling the tenant to safely invest all the capital he can procure in the soil.

The weather cleared up this morning and the sun came out, enabling us to fix our position.