Enacting [verb]

Definition of Enacting:

act out; accomplish

Synonyms of Enacting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enacting:

Sentence/Example of Enacting:

A little before the coming of the squall there was a different scene enacting at the outposts.

We now meet for the first time in the enacting clause of a law, and by the authority thereof be it ordained, enacted and declared.

Sylvia had singled out several figures in the drama enacting below for special attention.

Either the law is totally wanting, and then a new enacting statute must be made to supply that want; or, 2.

The boys had resumed their sports in the clearing, and were enacting a mimic chase to the post among themselves.

While this little scene was enacting, old Conolly rode up to the Knight, with a warning to keep the ladies in the road.

There seemed to be no clear understanding as to the intent of Congress in enacting the law.

No tale of misery ever told in fiction surpasses that which is daily enacting in Paris again and again.

The young fellow opened the door, and beckoned his mates in to see the new show that was enacting before them.

The air was bitterly cold, but the tragedy enacting around him had for a time rendered Shad quite insensible to it.