Enacts [verb]

Definition of Enacts:

act out; accomplish

Synonyms of Enacts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enacts:

Sentence/Example of Enacts:

Nearly 100 have been enacted, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

There are several options we can explore to increase the homeownership rate and reduce racial and generational inequality, from loosening credit standards to enacting zoning reform and expanding financial education.

Lawmakers were forced to reckon with enacting unpopular tax increases or even less popular cuts to government programs.

Arguably the most famous — and most maligned and misunderstood — media policy ever enacted in the United States, its long, strange history is generally not well known.

He continues to email everyone he can think of to enact such a policy, but he is relieved, at least, that he can use the internet to access his health provider’s web portal.

Operators can take manual control over the robot or it can enact pre-programmed routines in which it doesn’t require any specific instructions from a human.

Few, if any other, government buildings in Washington enact that drama so clearly.

Augmented reality can re-enact what has happened in the past and provide an alternative to reality that is open-ended.

A state law enacted in June makes police chokeholds a felony, but only in cases with serious injury or death.

The Democrats now control Congress, too, which could potentially help the incoming Administration accomplish progressive goals like reaching a $15 an hour minimum wage, passing paid family and medical leave, and enacting hazard pay.