Enamel [noun]

Definition of Enamel:

paint, often shiny

Synonyms of Enamel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enamel:

Sentence/Example of Enamel:

Fortunately, childhood is protected by a resisting candour, by an enamel over which all impurities glide.

The room was large, high-domed; the walls covered with gold and colored enamel in fantastic arabesques.

Grisel took a little silver and enamel cigarette box out of her pocket and put it on the table.

Years and etiquette combined have led her Majesty to the thraldom of the rouge and enamel pot.

He shrugged, reached into the desk for a box of Jaipur brass enamel and took from it a medal attached to a ribbon.

In admixture it may safely be employed, as well as in fresco or enamel.

It was also employed in enamel painting as it vitrified without change.

His Painting is so fine, and the Colouring so lively, and so well fansied, that no Enamel is more beautiful.

There is none of the ingenuity of Filicaja in the thought, none of the hard and brilliant enamel of Petrarch in the style.

Glazed on the white enamel was a wriggle of black with a small dot of green for an eye at one end.