Enameled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enameled:

Their mix is specially engineered to expand and shrink with the pan as it goes from an oven to room temperature to keep the enamel from chipping.

Read amled, as in Speght; of which enameled is a lengthened form, with the prefix en-.

Carlino seated himself on a carpet of verdure enameled with daisies, and, taking his knife, cut one of the citrons.

Did Armida possess any trinket in the form of a little enameled cross—like a miniature cross of cavaliere?

It was a hut or bower close to a small meadow enameled with flowers.

The sink has two compartments—all enameled white—one for the washing of the dishes and one for the draining.

I presented him with a pair of cuff-buttons silver-enameled with the Bermuda lily, and I thought he seemed pleased with them.

The points were of silk of the same colors, the tags were of gold enameled.

The leather was bisonoid-hide; the buckle of the belt was an oval enameled with a crescent, pale blue on black.

Enameled spoons are not very satisfactory, because the enamel is likely to chip off the edges.