Enamelled [verb]

Definition of Enamelled:

coat with metallic material

Synonyms of Enamelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enamelled:


Sentence/Example of Enamelled:

The chesnut woods of Antero de Herrares opened their enamelled glades before the travellers.

All the toilet arrangements were perfect, and each room had a recess in which was a large enamelled bath.

It is a cameo head of Elizabeth, cut in a sardonyx, and set in a gold ring, enamelled at the back.

Yet, if he were in very truth a prince—she thought of his debut in flowered waistcoat, panama hat, and enamelled boots!

Not only were the Britons expert in ordinary metal-work but they are believed to have invented the art of enamelled-inlay.

Kerosene will usually remove spots from painted furniture—finger-marks from white enamelled beds, for instance.

If a slight application of a good furniture cream is made to the enamelled parts, it will brighten them considerably.

The design, if there is any, whether it is embossed or enamelled, must be carried out before cutting it to size.

He saw three men riding from the South across the Hitara, and the light shone from their apparel and from their enamelled shields.

A crystal cross set in enamelled gold (a) is German work of the 16th century.