Enamelware [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Enamelware:

If desired, enamelware pans may be used, but this material chips easily and consequently is not very satisfactory.

This may be made of copper or aluminum or of any of the various types of enamelware that are used for cooking utensils.

A pan that has become rough from usage or an enamelware pan that is chipped should not be used for the boiling of candy.

Old Purkes went white to the gills and assured me hastily that he would get the enamelware out of town as quickly as possible.

Three days after Purkes offered his enamelware I had a window full of—what do you think?

The table dishes are of tin, but in a few camps enamelware has very acceptably been introduced.

Coffee pots made of enamelware are the next highest in price.

This was supplemented by bread and tea in a tall enamelware vessel known as a balauri.

On a spread of figured blue cloth stood a bottle of lime juice, a sparklets, and an enamelware bowl containing flowers.

She had a shiny new tin dish pan, an older enamelware dish pan, a galvanized iron water pail, and an old-fashioned copper kettle.