Enamour [verb]

Definition of Enamour:

entice sexually

Synonyms of Enamour:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enamour:

Sentence/Example of Enamour:

You are warn'd—be arm'd; And do not lose the hope of such a husband, In being too soon enamour'd.

Singing, as if enamour'd, she resum'd And clos'd the song, with "Blessed they whose sins Are cover'd."

Charm'd o'er thy bed celestial voices sing, And Seraphs hover on enamour'd wing.

I am something more: I am a man enamour'd of thy virtues; Thy fortitude and courage have subdued me.

See, see, the enamour'd sun is hasting on apace to his expecting mistress, while thou dull Night art slowly lingering yet.

This rich lady (And I am glad of't) is enamour'd of you.Wellb.