Encapsulated [verb]

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The pandemic response has been a great example of that instinct, with McEnany’s briefing Wednesday encapsulating it neatly.

The Target incident almost perfectly encapsulates the adage, save for one important detail — Lively is adamant it wasn’t an ending.

A large video dome surrounds him, nearly encapsulating his tiny body entirely inside the virtual reality setup.

Having a book about women that references “girls” in the title would be controversial, but it encapsulates the sense of the book, which is the challenges they face.

Yet for a framework that encapsulates our best understanding of nature’s fundamental order, the Standard Model still lacks a coherent visualization.

A cyst is usually the result of the abscess having been encapsulated and its wall not having been removed at the first operation.

They are encapsulated and vascular, frequently attain a large size, and may be single or multiple.

Larger bodies, such as needles or bullets, which are not capable of being destroyed by the phagocytes, become encapsulated.

The innocent form is usually fibrous or myxomatous, and is definitely encapsulated.

The granulation tissue may undergo caseation and liquefaction, or may become encapsulated by fibrous tissue—“encysted tubercle.”