Encased [adjective]

Definition of Encased:

covered or protected

Synonyms of Encased:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encased:


Sentence/Example of Encased:

The only way to see inside the machinery was to remove a four-way electrical outlet, but it was encased behind a plastic seal bearing a Soviet stamp.

There are as many different types of mattresses as there are sleeping positions — cotton, wool, latex, silk, cashmere, and a series of fabric-encased coils, to airbeds, futons, and waterbeds.

Nanoparticles encase the vaccine’s mRNA and deliver it to someone’s cells.

Nanoparticles encase the mRNA and deliver it to the host cells.

Before morning old Jack Frost snapped his fingers and the whole world was encased in ice.

She was looking at her shoe, pursing her lips thoughtfully, seeing her feet encased in the gay embroideries of the Medici boots.

Therefore, the wires must be encased or insulated in some material that will not admit water and is not itself a conductor.

He took the battered volume—a pamphlet clumsily encased in boards, and drew his hand across its rough sides caressingly.

He had again mounted his cork legs, and encased his cork feet with splendid-fitting patent leather boots, and Mole felt happy.

His eyes fell on her right hand, still encased in his large brown glove.