Enchained [verb]

Definition of Enchained:

fasten, secure

Synonyms of Enchained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enchained:

Sentence/Example of Enchained:

Pleasure they regarded as an evil, having a tendency to enchain man to earthly enjoyments, a peculiarly Buddhist tenet.

This houri of Sa'adi would not pause to note the difference in writing; the vitalness of the subject would enchain her thoughts.

Utter weakness gripped his body; but more than this seemed to enchain him.

Few writers of the day have the power of Mr. Marshall to enchain interest and yet to disregard conventional devices.

Told with a vim and vividness and with a keen and caustic humour which charm and enchain you throughout.

An hour passed while the young man sought in vain to enchain his incoherent thoughts.

There was no detail to enchain attention, nothing to obscure free vision; the soul in him, grand super-bird, took flight.

Personality will enchain attention when the most interesting intellectual, moral and spiritual concerns will fail to attract.

Her beauty, her youth no longer had the power to enchain him—the man with white hairs and withered features.

Throw off the earthly fetters which enchain, thee, O my love, and follow me!