Enchanted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enchanted:

The hallway leads to a back room that might be seen as a crystal cave, or as the cellar of the enchanted castle whose dining hall the visitor just traversed.

Monsieur Quérin saluted and declared himself enchanted at the encounter.

I felt myself quite the enchanted princess and put in most of my time dreaming about the prince.

Enchanted with the golden period of the Grecian republic, I passed over the storms by which it had been agitated.

Most girls of her age would have been enchanted and bewildered by this display of royal grandeur.

For two years I lived an enchanted life; then, one day, she told me she was going to be married.

Oh, the outside is nothing; just wait until you have entered this enchanted palace.

It was like an enchanted journey, gliding along through the still night, amid pools of sparkling gems.

It had so distinct and remarkable an individuality that M. Thillard was sure Jouffroy would be enchanted with it.

Enchanted at what he thought a witticism, he cut short further dry talk.