Enchanters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Enchanters:

A black cat could be nothing else than an enchanter, according to what I had learned in my childhood, and I resolved to watch him.

The Enchanter did not recognize the King's Son without his hawk and his hound and the fine clothes he used to wear.

The King's Son turned his horse amongst the trees and began to search for the Enchanter.

He told him, too, how the Enchanter was changed into a wolf, and how the wolf carried away Sheen's child.

His knowledge of natural magic procured for him the appellations of enchanter, magician, wizard.

At the same time the countenance of the enchanter fell, and his whole body quaked.

His fame was gradually bruited abroad, and as years rolled on he became widely known as "the Enchanter of the North."

The hopes of the afflicted parents rose high as they listened to the wondrous tales told of the great Enchanter's power.

She was moreover given money wherewith to propitiate the much-dreaded Donald—the stern one-eyed guardian of the Enchanter's abode.

She satisfied her conscience by lading their ship with precious gifts destined for the propitiation of the Enchanter.