Enchantress [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Enchantress:

Isabel suddenly felt herself and her organdie absurdly out of place in this room with its enchantress atmosphere.

Schooners 'Wanderer' and 'Enchantress' were both very successful vessels, and fast in their day.

At these words the enchantress, who did not expect them, uttered a loud exclamation of joy.

The enchantress then said to him, "Get thee from this castle, and never return on pain of death."

For her sake, he abandoned a former enchantress of the name of Mainville, "who had already plucked some of his feathers."

The other repeats the charms of some enchantress, who endeavoured, by her spells and magic, to make Daphnis in love with her.

"You may be an enchantress, mistress, but the spell you cast is not diablerie," he answered in the same tone.

In an enchantress's embrace thou mayest not sleep, so that in her arms she clasp thee.

This whole evening he made no further advances, but he did not lose sight of his enchantress for an instant.

Enchantress Orzelska wedded, quarrelled, and is in a convent: her charming destiny concluded.