Encircles [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Encircles:

This was the first small beginning of that great tourist business which now encircles the habitable globe.

A diadem encircles her hair, she sits upon a throne, the throne rests upon clouds.

Yet a romance of literary and historic interest encircles it.

Again the mountain is concealed by an elevation of the ring which girdles it as Monte Somma encircles Vesuvius.

The pedestals from which the columns of this arcade spring rest on a bold but simple base-table that also encircles the building.

She turned and they walked slowly along the pavement that encircles the railings of the square garden.

It is situated on a great rock in a narrow valley, and surrounded on three sides by the Elz brook, that nearly encircles the rock.

Merklin is a picturesque, if battered, Bohemian who encircles himself somewhat showily with a halo of alleged mysticism.

There are two layers of muscles, one of which encircles the body, while the other extends parallel with its length.

A chain fence encircles this proud and noble monument, and shuts off all conveyances.