Enclaves [noun]

Definition of Enclaves:

land surrounded by body of water

Synonyms of Enclaves:

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Sentence/Example of Enclaves:

For science fiction, try “Moon of the Crusted Snow” by Waubgeshig Rice, the tale of an Anishinaabe community facing an apocalyptic disaster and the outsiders who intrude and endanger the isolated enclave.

The government’s plan to disperse refugees and prevent ethnic enclaves was ultimately upended by the fact that Hmong people resisted family separation and cultural isolation.

Recent articles in Voice of San Diego have pointed out how the existing system has resulted in inequities between the urban, generally low-income and ethnically diverse areas south of I-8 and the northern suburban enclaves.

The urban enclave sits a little southwest of downtown, just below Little Italy and the Near West Side.

Some estates lying to the east of the Jamna and belonging to the United Provinces have recently been added to the enclave.

The Lado Enclave, however, is governed separately by a special official.

This tiny "enclave" in French territory presented many advantages over the German Dukedoms.

These natives—of the Lado Enclave—were gentleman-like folk, and I parleyed long with them upon their affairs.

The Nile province and the Lado Enclave present splendid and alluring panoramas.

The crazy quilt of outdated, clumsy old buildings that was the local Starmen's Enclave.