Enclosures [noun]

Definition of Enclosures:

area bounded by something

Synonyms of Enclosures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enclosures:


Sentence/Example of Enclosures:

In the stables and enclosures were pure-bred cattle and sheep, the nucleus of tribal flocks and herds of better standards.

The country was one immense and boundless plain, and there were no fences or other close enclosures of any kind.

In grassy enclosures deer and roes are feeding; they push forwards inquisitively as the train passes.

Inn-yards, houses without roofs, and extemporaneous enclosures at country fairs were the ready theatres of strolling players.

So far as practicable the fields have been enlarged by throwing two or three smaller enclosures together.

Nor for several centuries did the monks in their sacred enclosures give especial scandal.

Ojeda and his followers took refuge in huts and enclosures and fought valiantly.

Small enclosures taken for weekly case to the United States at a moderate charge.

Small enclosures taken for weekly ease to the United States at a moderate charge.

Other structures often found in connexion with them are obviously enclosures, and were probably used for defence.