Encode [verb]

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We start from the digital information of what the virus encodes for and go on from there.

It encoded motion and mathematics into a single, glinting geometric object.

The hippocampus is most famous for its ability to encode episodic memories—the memory of whats, whens, wheres, and whos.

Modern deep learning is at the very least biologically-inspired, encoding information in the strength of connections between large networks of individual computing units known as neurons.

Experiments even showed that people were more likely to forget words that were presented exactly at systole than words that they saw and encoded during the rest of the cardiac cycle.

This is exactly the information encoded in the first three values of the four-dimensional address assigned to each point on the embedded Möbius strip.

The numbers of photons within the cavities serve as qubits that encode the data.

They encode information about prime numbers, geometric spaces and nearly all the things mathematicians care about most.

To encode a message which may be your last words on earth is not the easiest of tasks.

Writing helped to encode his logic of proper inference from premises expressed in sentences.