Encompasses [verb]

Definition of Encompasses:

surround, circumscribe

Synonyms of Encompasses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encompasses:

Sentence/Example of Encompasses:

I believe in an unknown Force that encompasses me and hunts me down to the grave, but nothing more.

Proceeding thence south, it encompasses the island of Dahlak, which is not far from the western shore.

The sphere of the man's life encompasses him more densely on the breast, but lightly on the back, 171, 224.

How far off beyond this world seems the possibility of such seasons, how enduring and relentless this which encompasses us.

Even more remarkable is the stately, classical cloister that encompasses the whole church like an Italian Santo Campo.

Social democracy with its organisation encompasses the masses from one end of Europe to the other.

It encompasses the child but it has no cheer for the stranger.

The entire Boyne valley, restricted though its area is, encompasses much more of the historic past of Ireland than any other spot.

The content of these people is manifestly great, for, relative to the wretchedness that encompasses them, they are well off.

History has fallen together, but childhood surrounds and encompasses history, stretches beyond and passes on the road to eternity.