Encountering [verb]

Definition of Encountering:

happen upon

Synonyms of Encountering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encountering:

Sentence/Example of Encountering:

There was a motion of assent toward Peter, who left the room, encountering Mrs. Biggs outside the door.

He availed himself of this opportunity of encountering his adversary with some effect.

I came first to the pond and then to the mill, and got into the house without encountering the dog.

The Sioux turned toward the south with the hope of encountering the Cheyennes somewhere in that direction.

They eventually circled toward the east, and crossed the ridge without encountering their foes.

Although they felt secure from the Kiowas, the Cheyennes realized that there was a possibility of encountering the Pawnees.

Wilkes took his seat without encountering any difficulties and his political importance virtually ended with his exclusion.

Coming there a bride, and the very first thing encountering something awkward!

He was only Arthur Dillon, encountering a lady with a past; a fact in itself more or less amusing.

There is another possibility besides the encountering of incomprehensible minds.