Encounters [noun]

Definition of Encounters:

chance meeting

Synonyms of Encounters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encounters:

Sentence/Example of Encounters:

The man who has seen gains self-confidence and the prestige of his subject when he encounters others who have only heard and read.

One of the very few serious encounters that took place here happened to be also the last.

In the pitchy darkness, the messenger encounters him, and running full tilt against him, knocks the bunch of keys into the mud.

But it is clear that there might also be three distinct encounters on as many separate days, as in the folk-tale.

The most furious winds the mariner knows are those which he encounters as he approaches the still centre.

The water is no sooner gathered into a sheet than, guided by the slightest irregularities which it encounters, it begins to flow.

In early winter, he heard them tell stories of dangerous encounters with ugly stags.

Nothing else could be expected from almost daily encounters in a country abandoned to the enemy.

This gallant general had been engaged in several encounters with the enemy, in which he had uniformly punished them.

His chaffing way reminded her of Dr. Wandless, who often struck a similar note in their encounters.