Encourages [verb]

Definition of Encourages:

stimulate spiritually

Synonyms of Encourages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encourages:

Sentence/Example of Encourages:

A pension encourages earlier retirement from work, quickens promotion, and vitalises the whole service.

It encourages me to observe that last month you devoted a week to prayer in the place of an address.

He encourages literature, art, and music, and makes Paris so beautiful that its citizens are justified in their pride.

"Well, that's the way she encourages me: it's meat and drink to me," Nick went on.

It condemns the speaker and the whole system which advances and encourages such narrow and vicious methods.

I see in you the very man I desired and wanted—your acuteness surprises and encourages me.

If the evangelical message encourages, condones, or permits this divorce, it becomes an instrument of incalculable harm.

It encourages us somewhat to see even a few induced to listen for a short time to the truths of the Gospel.

I believe she encourages the airship business just to get on the good side of his uncle.

Who can be worse than a wife who encourages a lover, and poisons her husband's mind against his relative?