Encrust [verb]

Definition of Encrust:

put covering inside object

Synonyms of Encrust:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encrust:


Sentence/Example of Encrust:

At first, nanoparticles of silica encrusted the bacteria and the biomorphs, Nims says.

They constitute the greater number by far of the hard minerals which encrust the terrestrial globe.

Poetry has no golden mean; mediocrity here is of another metal, which Voltaire, however, had skill enough to encrust and polish.

Some marine algae which secrete carbonate of lime not only encrust rocks but give rise to sheets of submarine limestone.

A constant sense of gloom is settled like a pall over the whole building, blacker even than the soot and grime which encrust it.

Coral limestones encrust the lower slopes of these islands and do not attain a greater thickness than 150 feet.

In spite of daily care, very hard water will encrust the china.

Starfishes lurk in the hollows, and the tent-shaped shells of the little periwinkle encrust the wet rocks.

Cynicism or conventionality may for a long period encrust a man, but there comes a time when the heart will have its way.

Chatterton took great pains to encrust his gold with verd-antique; it requires little to remove the green rubbish from the coin.