Encrypting [verb]

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An encrypted message is then shared over a conventional communication channel and the quantum key is used to decipher it.

Chi Mak, a naturalized US citizen born in China, is arrested after his brother was stopped at Los Angeles International Airport carrying encrypted disks containing information from Chi.

The malware was designed to install ransomware, a kind of malware that encrypts a victim’s files in exchange for a ransom.

The indictment also notes that Bannon and his alleged co-conspirators began using encrypted messaging apps after learning a federal investigation was underway.

That was a scary prospect for computer security experts, because the fact that such a task is difficult is essential to the way computers encrypt sensitive information.

So instead of just encrypting the message with your private key, you also encrypt it with your boss's public key.

You'd encrypt the message with your private key and my public key.

I'd decrypt it, read it, re-encrypt it with your boss's real public key and send it on.