Encumbered [verb]

Definition of Encumbered:

bother, burden

Synonyms of Encumbered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encumbered:

Sentence/Example of Encumbered:

They went together, picking their way across muddy streets and sidewalks encumbered with the cheap display of small tradesmen.

The rest were cut down with swords: my men were prepared, they were not, and were heavily encumbered.

Meanwhile, the boxes still encumbered the passage, while within the studio the same heaped-up disorder must have prevailed.

As for the gentleman at the door he was encumbered with his hurt companion, who fell across his knees as he rushed at the burglar.

He had not encumbered himself with a crude wife from the countryside, but had married a woman with important connections.

Byron, though encumbered by a number of transports and with a smaller fleet, engaged him in the hope of relieving the island.

He saw how I was encumbered, and he must have felt the pelting rain.

The path then becomes narrow and steep, and encumbered with brambles and nettles and stones.

In works of the lower kind everything appears studied and encumbered; it is all boastful art and open affectation.

What surprises me most of all is the number of useless excrescences with which the author has encumbered his piece.