Encumbers [verb]

Definition of Encumbers:

bother, burden

Synonyms of Encumbers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encumbers:

Sentence/Example of Encumbers:

He replied that he had no objections, provided she did not encumber the carriage with bandboxes, which were his utter abhorrence.

Removal of the stationary boats which at present encumber the avenue to the factory gardens at the river-side.

One little zap would do it, and Alvin Sherdlap would encumber the Earth no more.

One of the many useless preparations which encumber modern pharmacy.

The ground must be cleared of the prejudices which encumber it.

Evidently the heathen man is not treated fairly if we encumber our message with unnecessary requirements.

Its temples are fallen; its sanctuaries are crumbled into dust; its colonnades encumber pavements, now buried under their remains.

These women might as well do something even if they have no special gifts, for as idlers they encumber the earth.

The additions are not ill-done, but they encumber somewhat the Attic neatness and simplicity of the original.

Only so much as we can put in our pockets, for this is not the time to encumber ourselves even with provisions.