Encyclopedias [noun]

Definition of Encyclopedias:

book of facts

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Sentence/Example of Encyclopedias:

Like all encyclopedias, it’s dependent on the existence of high-quality primary sources, including journalism—and my industry, for the most part, is not in great shape, especially at the local level.

As there are field guides to bird identification, there are plenty of illustrated encyclopedias and online resources to help recognize the different breeds and learn their fascinating histories.

He recalls his mother, who didn’t have a lot of money when he was a child, buying him a set of encyclopedias, which he read voraciously.

There is a new section for dictionary and encyclopedia results.

He was not an encyclopedia, but a compact volume of naked logic.

That was after we read about the Cyclopes in the Ulysses story in our encyclopedia.

The encyclopedia mentioned all of them but did not mention Crimson at all.

The statement of the "Encyclopedia Britannica," that Argentina had a hundred million sheep in 1866 is quite incredible.

This list has great possibilities for club study, especially if there is the encyclopedia, so essential for reference.

There is an abundance of material to be found on all educational subjects in a good encyclopedia.